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Free Durians To Seniors

We are giving free durians to seniors.

In our new turf at Mei Ling Market, we observed that there were a handful of seniors whom always peeped at our stall to catch a glimpse of the price - in hopes that they would be able to afford one fruit for themselves.

There was an elderly in her late 70's who always come to our stall and speak to us in dialect, asking if we have "$4.00 durians"(Wu Si Kor Eh Liu Lian Bo). Although a $4.00 durian was never in our price range, we asked if she want it "sweet" or "bitter". She would always answer, " anything also can"(chin cai la).

Our of empathy, we would still give her a reasonably sized fruit for her to enjoy. Later did we realise that within our perimeters - consists of 1-room apartments.

We are not a giant in this industry, and we will never be able to beat the price game that major players are participating. Even though with that being said, we are seeing regulars like Alice, who come to our stall to support the business - though our stay was short.

In return, we would like to spread the kindness that we have received, back to the community.

We can never be a pilot-turned-durian-seller, nor a $12/kg MaoShanWang stall. But we can be a stall who serve. We are not making this statement to invite the media's spotlight on us, but to hope that if you know any seniors whom really love durians, let them know they can come and get the fruits free from us!

We will be giving away 30 boxes (RedPrawn / XO) each Saturday and Sunday, starting from 3pm till finish.

We invite anyone whom will bring their parents down for a small family gathering. Our seniors who enjoys eating the fruit. Our past customers had paid for you!

1 Box of RedPrawn / XI durians redeemable per senior upon display of the Pioneer Generation card.

We are located at 159 Mei Ling Road, #01-29 Singapore 140159.

"When you're living in service, you don't have time to complain and criticize. When you're living in service, your fears go away. When you're living in service, you feel grateful" - Jay Shetty, Think like a Monk.
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