Giveaway Drive - Zeng Zu Fu

Giveaway Drive in Mei Ling Market

In the recent years, they began a new stall in Mei Ling Market, which delighted the residents as they have been yearning for a legitimate vendor for such a fruit.

It was not too long that they observed there were many pioneer generations within their premises were living in single-room units and many of them, despite huge cravings for the fruit, were not able to afford it. Hence, they started a “giveaway drive” and distribute complimentary durians every weekend for the elderly who holds the Pioneer / Merdeka card. [Post taken from Zeng Zu Fu’s Facebook Page]

We went over on one of the weekend as an undercover to look at their charitable drive. To our surprise, there was already a queue forming at 2:30pm even though they advertised that the giveaway will commence at 3pm!

After a few short conversations with them, we got to know that 5 boxes out of the 30 complimentary packs were actually Musang King (猫山王) which they wanted to give out as a surprise to the residents.

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